The Bigger Picture

On the Lost Art of Critical Thinking

The actor Forest Whitaker as Cecil Gaines in Lee Daniels’ “The Butler”

There’s a sucker born every minute.
–P.T. Barnum (maybe)

Americans have lost their skills of critical thinking as applied to reading articles on the internet. Don’t believe me? Read the article on the firing of a White House butler by Allan Ishac … as well as a few of the comments. No, really. Read it now. It’s a quick read. I’ll wait.

[cue: background music]

The Write Life

In Case You Missed the Interview …

Clay Rivers with friend and Fox Sportscaster, Paul Kennedy. The matching shirts and fuchsia orchid were purely coincidental.

In case you missed the March 22 interview, here’s the link to the Cathedral of Saint Luke podcast page (Interview With The Author. Book: The Raindancer: Finding Joy in the Storm).

The interview came about due to the enthusiasm and joint efforts of four people: Judi L’Hommedieu … who put me in touch with … Julie Gadbois who suggested the idea to Dean Anthony Clark (head priest at the Cathedral) who just happened to want to kick off an author interview series and roped … Fox Sports anchor, Paul Kennedy into conducting the interview.

Enjoy! And thanks to everyone who made the interview possible and attended!