“Who Wants to Be the Leader of the Free World” Season Finale and Moving On

Wow. That season finale of
“Who Wants to Be the Leader of the Free World”
was a shocker.
I, for one, certainly didn’t see that coming.

Am I disappointed? Yes. I’m disappointed in several of my Democratic, Republican, and Independent friends who displayed unbridled rancor online over this latest season of “Who Wants to Be the Leader of the Free World.” Many of whom I’ve known for years. We’ve had dinner together, drinks together, worshipped together, and sat with one another through some very hard times. These are people I am glad to be in relationship with. The name-calling, the biting sarcasm, and out and out lack of respect for one another’s humanity makes me wonder if I know them at all and if the kindness they’ve extended despite our political difference was only for show.

But most of all I’m disappointed in myself.

I put my hope in a candidate to usher in the cures for all of our country’s social ills. And when all was said and done, and my candidate was not found the victor my hope evaporated. (And that’s certainly not to say the other candidate would have delivered our all country’s remedies either.)

I am disappointed in myself for taking my eyes off the only one capable of single-handedly delivering the cures to this world’s ills. The consequences for doing so are this resulting and profound sense of disappointment and sadness I feel. A very human tendency would be withdraw from those who hold viewpoints different from my own and huddle only with those who think like I do, and point fingers and lay blame. And chances are that if the other nominee had been voted off Presidential Island, the demonstrations would still take place but with a different cast of players.

I include three words that are essential to who I am and what I believe: love one another. If I can only extend that love when it’s convenient or dole it out only to those who hold the same views as I do, then my “love” is nothing more than a talking point, a charade, a means to a very unfulfilling end.

As a Christian, I am called to follow my teacher’s example and extend love to all on both sides of the aisle, whether my candidate wins the election or not. So despite my grief and whatever portends are out there for the future, real or imagined, when I remember that all things work together for good for those who love the Lord, my faith (that everything’s going to be alright) doesn’t shift with the political climate. To quote a friend of mine who’s on the other side of eternity right now, God’s got this.

Resting in that knowledge gives me a peace of mind about the state of our union no matter who’s in office. That doesn’t mean I am precluded from involvement in matters of peace and justice; but those activities should not come before my charge to love my fellow man.

Let’s try to move forward. Without the acrimony, bullying, misogyny, racism, and xenophobia. With a positive resolve. We’re all in this together.

Love one another.

2 thoughts on ““Who Wants to Be the Leader of the Free World” Season Finale and Moving On”

  1. Donny Peña says:

    Thanks for the positive reminder that in our everyday lives, we have to want to be able to get along. It doesn’t help anyone if we walk around gloating or sulking about the results of what has come to be “big show” election. Our nation will see for itself the consequences of its action, whether good or bad…all we are left to do is carry on and be true to our convictions.

  2. Stephen Mitchell says:

    Love the article Clay. Today is the day to give free hugs. Took this from a black woman I seen walking down the street today with a sign that said “free hugs.”
    It is never time to spread hate. Hating trump will not stop hate it just adds to it. Now is the time to heal, and love one another.
    I pledge to: Love forward, refuse to go backwards in our progress for equality, or sink to a level of hate for others.

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