Announcing …

If you have a situation that you’re currently dealing with that you’d like me to address, send an email (with a clever pen name instead of your real name) to me at, and tell me all about it. I’ll read through the submissions, pick one, and on Thursdays I’ll post the chosen letter along with my response here on my blog, my Facebook author page, and on my Twitter account. Rest assured, I will not publish email addresses. Ever.

Do not post your letter in the Comments section here on my blog as everyone will be able to read your letter.

So get those letters written and click send, or check back and pass the column on to friends! I’m thinking we’re going to have a lot of fun here!

Who’s in?

Walk tall,

2 thoughts on “Announcing …”

  1. Lydia Winkeller says:

    Can’t wait to read this!

    1. Clay Rivers says:

      Thanks, Lydia! That makes two of us. Let’s hope the submissions are MANY. (Hint, hint.)

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