Equality and Diversity: Now in Print

OHF Magazine, Issue 1

For the past few years, I’ve been greatly disturbed by the growing rancor, divisiveness, and hatred on display in America. I’m not so naive as to believe that the parade of abject malevolence is anything new. Like several of you, I’ve long suspected the seeds of bigotry had been lying dormant just below the surface in need of only a fresh heaping of fertilizer and a climate of fear to take root, blossom, and overrun our sociopolitical garden with brambles, weeds, and rodents aplenty.


Hi there! (The Do-Over)

Roman Dritz, Latvia

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Be sure to look for an announcement next week about my upcoming fourth book!


Announcing …

If you have a situation that you’re currently dealing with that you’d like me to address, send an email (with a clever pen name instead of your real name) to me at, and tell me all about it. I’ll read through the submissions, pick one, and on Thursdays I’ll post the chosen letter along with my response here on my blog, my Facebook author page, and on my Twitter account. Rest assured, I will not publish email addresses. Ever.

Announcements, The Raindancer, The Write Life

Announcing … “The Raindancer”

Here we go. After almost two years, it’s here: time to release my new book, The Raindancer, to the world!


The Raindancer: Finding Joy in the Storm takes a 360-degree look at one man’s use of unwavering faith, a positive attitude, and an indomitable sense of humor in dire circumstances and how he changed the lives of everyone with whom he came in contact.

My hope is that this story will present the world in a new light and give you the courage to dance in the midst of life’s storms.

The Raindancer is available in print at and


Under Construction

Pardon the mess, but I’m in the process of redesigning the website to coincide with an upcoming announcement about my new book. The navigation may change a couple of times before it’s all over, but stay tuned for more info.
Thanks, Clay