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Announcing … “The Raindancer”

Here we go. After almost two years, it’s here: time to release my new book, The Raindancer, to the world!


The Raindancer: Finding Joy in the Storm takes a 360-degree look at one man’s use of unwavering faith, a positive attitude, and an indomitable sense of humor in dire circumstances and how he changed the lives of everyone with whom he came in contact.

My hope is that this story will present the world in a new light and give you the courage to dance in the midst of life’s storms.

The Raindancer is available in print at and

9 thoughts on “Announcing … “The Raindancer””

  1. Troy says:

    Sorry, Pal – just now getting around to ordering your book. Been so unorganized lately. Looking forward to it!

  2. Terry says:

    Congratulations Clay !
    So looking forward to reading your new book! After reading your first one, I was hoping that another would follow! I have been reading your blogs since before “Walking Tall”. You have such a gift with your inspiring words of wisdom, humor and life’s lessons. When I read your blogs, I feel like I’m visiting over coffee 🙂 Starting “Raindancer” this weekend………with a pumpkin latte.

    1. Clay Rivers says:

      Terry, thank you. The Raindancer is a bit different than Walking Tall, but the message is uplifting for sure. Please share your thoughts with me after youve finished it. I hope you find it inspiring.

  3. Sitzy says:

    I certainly enjoyed your book Walking Tall and have been waiting anxiously for this one…here I go now to purchase my very own copy of The Raindancer. Kudos to you Clay, and as always thanks for the inspiration by example.

    1. Clay Rivers says:

      Well, Sitzy—here it is! Thanks for your support in ordering The Raindancer. Without tipping my hand, this book has so much to say to people in a variety of situations. I’m curious to find out what the take-away is for you. And thank you again for your support over the years.

    1. Clay Rivers says:

      Jonathan, thanks man! I hope this book speaks to you and thousands of other readers, and inspires you to see the world in a different light.

  4. kimberlyshorter says:

    Reblogged this on Kimberly Shorter and commented:
    I am so excited about Clay Rivers and his new release, The Raindancer! Check it out!

    1. Clay Rivers says:

      Kim, thanks for your wonderful advice about writers block. You know that your sage advice unlocked my mind and nothing’s been the same ever since! Thank you so very much!

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