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Racism is a Bad Look for Anyone (Especially If You’re the Star of a Top TV Network Sitcom)

Roseanna Barr by Vera Anderson, Getty Images.

I’ll keep this short.

Roseanne Barr. What hasn’t been said about her? How about this? She’s thoughtful, well-grounded, humble, and socially aware. Or perhaps, she has an unparalleled sense of nuance in areas of race, equality, and social justice. No? What about this then? She’s a pioneer at finding new frontiers that unite all Americans.


No Cuts, No Butts, No Coconuts: When Marginalization and Privilege Cut the Line.

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Let’s say you arrive at your favorite restaurant for a meal as soon as the doors open. You speak with the seating hostess and ask how long is the wait? She tells you there’s no wait and asks how many in your party. You respond one. (Roll with me on this, I hate eating alone in a restaurant, too.) She tells you to have a seat, you’re next.

The Bigger Picture

Should White People Be Silent on All Things BlackLivesMatter?

Are you kidding me? Tell me people have no doubt as to what to do. Of course, white Americans should speak out in support of black Americans and BlackLivesMatter. EVERY-FREAKING-ONE should be speaking out in support leveling the playing field for black Americans and all people of color.

One chorus, many voices

If all it took to end racism was for black Americans to speak out about it, it

Hey Clay

Letter No. 9: Why All the Buzz About Black Lives Matter?

Hey, Clay.

I’m a little confused on the #blacklivesmatter movement. What is the message, and what do they want us to know about it. I have yet to receive a clear message on what it stands for. I know it has created spin offs like #alllivesmatter and #copslivesmatter. I know they want more policing of the police. What do they recommend we do to support them?