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To You Whose Life Has Been Ravaged by Cancer

To You Whose Life Has Been Ravaged by Cancer,

I read a searing article on by Sarah Beth Lowe today that gave me greater insight into the horror that is the disease known as cancer. While reading it I thought back to a visit over coffee I had with an old friend who went through breast cancer. Thanks to Providence, circumstance, and/or fortitude she survived her ordeal, but cancer claimed one of her breasts before all was said and done.

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In Case You Missed the Interview …

Clay Rivers with friend and Fox Sportscaster, Paul Kennedy. The matching shirts and fuchsia orchid were purely coincidental.

In case you missed the March 22 interview, here’s the link to the Cathedral of Saint Luke podcast page (Interview With The Author. Book: The Raindancer: Finding Joy in the Storm).

The interview came about due to the enthusiasm and joint efforts of four people: Judi L’Hommedieu … who put me in touch with … Julie Gadbois who suggested the idea to Dean Anthony Clark (head priest at the Cathedral) who just happened to want to kick off an author interview series and roped … Fox Sports anchor, Paul Kennedy into conducting the interview.

Enjoy! And thanks to everyone who made the interview possible and attended!

The Raindancer, The Write Life

Life’s Not About Waiting for the Storms to Pass

richwillis Five years ago today Rich Willis went home to be with the Lord after his battle with cancer. This family man, inspiring friend, and all-around good guy leaves a legacy of unwavering faith, positive attitude, indomitable sense of humor, and compassion for others that is lived out daily through his family and friends.

Their stories will present the world in a whole new light and give you the courage to dance in the midst of life’s storms.

(Trust me, Gene Kelly’s got nothing on this guy.)