Hi there! (The Do-Over)

Roman Dritz, Latvia

Thanks for coming back—again and welcome to my blog’s new home: the bright and shiny,

This is where I’ll be the originating source for all my posts. I’ve migrated a fair number of posts here already. And pretty soon I’ll have them all moved over. (No, it won’t be that soon; but definitely not that long either.)

June 1 Update:  So everything’s up and working. I tested the subscription form and it’s working just fine. If you’re interested in subscribing to this blog, scroll down to the bottom of this page, and you’ll find the Subscription button right above the small picture of the palm trees. Click it, fill in the info, and you’re golden.

And as a token of my appreciation, here’s another music video. And stay tuned for that other announcement I alluded to!

Update:  Well, I kinda goofed up here. I tested the subscription form Thursday night/Friday morning and it worked just fine. But I had conflicts with a few of the plug-ins that make my site run … and I accidentally turned off the subscription form. Now this would be be so bad except that I didn’t find out about until late Friday afternoon.

And I can’t turn them back on. So I’m waiting to hear back from tech support. But until I get the form situation all squared away, enjoy this video, and come back by next week. I promise to have everything up and running. Thanks!

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Be sure to look for an announcement next week about my upcoming fourth book!