The Bigger Picture

On the Lost Art of Critical Thinking

The actor Forest Whitaker as Cecil Gaines in Lee Daniels’ “The Butler”

There’s a sucker born every minute.
–P.T. Barnum (maybe)

Americans have lost their skills of critical thinking as applied to reading articles on the internet. Don’t believe me? Read the article on the firing of a White House butler by Allan Ishac … as well as a few of the comments. No, really. Read it now. It’s a quick read. I’ll wait.

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Why I’m Lifting My Self-Imposed Ban on Discussing Politics

Flag by Jasper Johns

I have a burning passion for optimism, character, and faith. If you’ve read any of my posts, those are recognizable themes. For the longest time I didn’t talk about race relations in America, and it dawned on me that to keep silent on this topic would be to betray myself, my heritage, and my faith. For an even longer time, I avoided discussing politics, except in certain politically homogenous circles.