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A Tale of Two Turkeys

It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times

NEVER utter the words, “This will be the best [insert any holiday or event] ever.” The second the sentence leaves your lips, you have implored all malevolent forces in the Universe to conspire against you and bring about your complete and utter humiliation. Your recourse? Abject weeping and gnashing your teeth. But thank God for provision.

The Write Life

Christmas Is: Mischief and Merriment in Manhattan

Available in print and for Kindle at Amazon, and also for Nook, iPad, and Roku.

I’m thrilled to announce my new book, Christmas Is: Mischief and Merriment in Manhattan (Constant Rose Publishing, 2017). My fourth book and first foray into fiction is a comedic, madcap love letter to New York, its inhabitants, and the city’s holiday traditions. The story drops the reader in the middle of the Big Apple just as the Christmas season kicks off and carries him/her on to Christmas Day.

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Critical Thinking versus List-ical Thinking

Image by Todd Diemer,

Given the year we lived through, it’s only natural that everyone wants answers fast. 2016 was a banner year challenges, tragedies, and triumphs for so many people. I’m not referring to the political climate. I’m referring to interpersonal challenges, financial challenges, unemployment (sudden as well as longterm), deaths of

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I Got Nothing to Write About at All

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I’ve got nothing to write about in this post, gang. Nada. Nichts. Ne rien. Nothing. In the midst of the holidays being in full tiltI’m up to my eyeballs in reindeer poop, holiday cheer, and a little bit of angst about the state of our union. And I’m still tightening up (re-plotting) the outline for my fourth book due out next fall. I’m not one of those guys who can sit down and bang out a short story with all the bells and whistles in no time. That ain’t me at all. I have to have a road map to know where I’m going.

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And in Other News … OBAMADONNA!

Jimmy Fallon and President Barack Obama "slow jams the news" on The Tonight Show.

If you know me at all you know that I’m a fan of Jimmy Fallon, the host of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Since he took over @FallonTonight (as the show is known on Twitter) in February 2014, the show’s been the one to beat in late night TV wars.

Within the first month of Fallon’s reign, I scored tickets to see Episode 29 (with guests Russell Crowe and the late Joan Rivers) thanks to one of my stagehand-friends from the Radio City Christmas Hall Christmas Spectacular. Seeing the show in person was a thrill, especially one of the early episodes.

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The Wonder and Terror of Writing a Popular Post

"The Scream of Nature" by Edvard Much, 1893.

Something wonderful and terrifying is happening for me right now over at A post I wrote last summer in which I poured my heart out to friends (How I Talk To White People About Racism) has been experiencing a resurgence over the last couple of days and is connecting with readers. A lot of readers. Hundreds of readers. In a crazy way.

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Book Review: 3 Things I Know

By Tracey Jackson, author of the New York Times bestseller, Gratitude and Trust
3 Things EPK Cover

Author, actor, designer and motivational speaker Clay Rivers has recently published his third book.

It’s called 3 Things I Know – Facing and Embracing Life’s Challenges.

There is no question we all face challenges, but for most of us, if we are lucky they come and go, ebb and flow. But Clay was born with several challenges that he has walks gallantly through life with.

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The Right Thing to Do


Yesterday I asked my Twitter friend and member of the Johns Hopkins literati, Kim, for some ideas about getting reviews for my new book, 3 Things I Know. She forwarded me the masthead of a well-known Washington, DC, magazine and suggested that I reach out to them for a review of my first book Walking Tall. I followed her lead and prepared the query letter for book she recommended.

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2016 wordpress

Thank you for every like, every comment, and every share of my posts. Your support and involvement means more than you’ll ever know. And the same holds true for those of you who anonymously read my posts. Hopefully, you’ve been able to find something useful in my mad ramblings that enriches your life.

I wish love, peace, joy, good health, and every blessing God may bestow upon you and yours in 2016 and beyond!

In gratitude,
Clay Rivers